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"In what seemed just a blink ago, I was in a hospital room helping my mother gently maneuver headphones on my father’s ears.  My father’s journey with cancer was brief, and we knew he was nearing his time to leave us. We were just hoping music could help relax him, even just a little, and provide his body enough peace to be able to sleep after days of agitation and pain.  Within an hour…he was asleep.  As the nurses began asking what we had done to help calm and ease my father’s pain, we said, “We just played music.” That was the life-changing moment that has brought us here over 20 years later."  -KEYS Founder, Colleen Bennett


From that moment in November of 1993, the KEYS Program was born to help bring music, comfort, hope and smiles to kids going through the same difficult time in their life, in memory of Colleen's father. 


Today, the KEYS Program is a 501c3 nonprofit children's charity that provides music outreach, family respite days and sibling support to children who have been impacted by cancer and children in need of healing.  In addition, KEYS raises awareness of the benefits of music and provides healthcare professionals and parents the resources and tools they need to implement music in the care of pediatric patients every day. 


Whether singing a silly echo song with a child undergoing cancer treatment, dancing in the halls with a child with IV in one had and tambourine in the other, or providing a surprise backyard concert for a child at home in hospice care,...KEYS is there delivering music, hope and smiles to families when they need it the most.


Thanks to our wonderful supporters, KEYS provides all of its outreach programs at NO COST to the families we serve. Since 1993, KEYS has delivered just over 80,000 smiles!





KEYS Founders, Retired NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Official David Bennett with his wife, Colleen




Amy Boulrice - President, Treasurer & Music Outreach Team - Director & Owner of Little Bo’s Musical Preschool

Tracy Stein - Secretary - Family Nurse Practitioner with Dr. Toby Taylor & the House of Good Shepherd 

Scott Swayze - Trustee - Attorney at Law with Vindigni and Betro, PLLC 

Cherilyn Schmalz - Trustee & Family Outreach Coordinator - Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction at Madison-Oneida BOCES

David Bennett - Trustee, Co-Founder & Smile Experience Director - Retired NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Official 



Colleen Bennett - Executive Director/Co-Founder -

Mike Bennett - Program Coordinator & KEYS Kids Network Producer -

Richanda Bulson - Corporate Giving Coordinator -

Donna Mucks - Music Outreach Team

Andy Bennett, EMT - Medical Services Coordinator 

Bambi Niles - Certified Harp Therapist

Cindy Legwaila, MT-BC - Music Therapy Consultant & Adviser

Katie Quick - Music Outreach Team

Jay G. Williams III - Legal Counsel

Emalee Herrington - Host of the Coffee House & Founder of Emalee's Musical Medicine

Angela Morley - Program Director & Founder of Paulie's Super Siblings 

Kevin Sullivan - Development Consultant


Our Offices

The KEYS Program's Main Office is located in the beautiful City of Sherrill, New York!  

We have additional satellite offices in the Syracuse area, Albany area and Williamsburg, VA.  



The KEYS Program is a proud member of the following organizations:






Delivering music, hope and smiles to kids impacted by cancer since 1993!

The KEYS Program is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that delivers music, hope and BIG smiles to children impacted by cancer, and those in need of healing, through music outreach, education and advocacy.

KEYS provides award-winning patient and family support programs of music outreach, family respite days and sibling support programs that enrich and improve the quality of life of pediatric patients.

In addition, KEYS raises awareness of the benefits of music and provides information and resources to healthcare professionals and parents so they may implement music in the care of the children they serve each and every day!

Since we were founded in 1993, the KEYS Program has delivered over 80,000 smiles and all at NO COST to the families and sites we serve!

After's all about the smiles! 


Click here to view our latest Annual Report:

 2017 Annual Report


A Proud Children's Charity

The KEYS Program a 501c3 nonprofit children's charity registered with the IRS, New York State Department of Regents and New York State Division of Charities. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained upon request from KEYS, on-line at or from the NYS Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, Attn: FOIL Officer, 120 Broadway, NY, NY 10271.



Ask us how you can get involved!

We invite YOU to be a part of the KEYS family and join us in delivering SMILES to kids battling cancer!  

Contact us at or call 315-363-6446! 

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The KEYS Program

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Phone: 315-363-6446 


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