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Be Still

Donna Mucks
Donna Mucks



Be Still - Donna Mucks - (2007-2008)

When I wrote Be Still I thought it was simply a personal mantra, something to remind me to be still and not forget to whom I belong. I was thinking about the importance of just “being.” In this crazy busy world of ours it is so important take some time to be still and really to just “be.” It is necessary for relaxation, for focusing, for true fellowship with others; or when walking, when reading the Bible, the list goes on and on. While I was pondering this, the scripture verse Psalm 46:10 ‘be still and know that I am God’ came to mind. I decided to play with the words just a bit, to reflect my thoughts at the time, and Be Still was born.

As I was composing the song, I was walking, of course, and singing the song to develop a melody. As I sang “be still,” a bird answered “tweet, tweet.” I did it again, and the bird responded again “tweet, tweet.” That moment of “just being” revealed the idea of an echo for some of the lyrics of the song.

I mentioned above that I intended Be Still to be a personal mantra, but one day I played it for Colleen Bennett. We were recording some songs for music therapy for her KEYS Program and brainstorming what to record, sharing songs and ideas. I decided to share Be Still. She immediately said “We need that song for our KEYS Kids. It is perfect!” If you join us at a KEYS Benefit, we demonstrate how we use it in music therapy.

A few days ago, as I was singing Be Still at the Grand Opening of Life Discovery Christian Books and Gifts, someone came up to me and said “That was beautiful. I don’t think I have ever heard it before.” That spurred a wonderful conversation with a Christian Sister! (She also bought the CD.)

I think the beauty of Be Still lies in it’s simplicity; the tune, the words and the overall message. I thank God for reminding me to be still, for blessing me with this song and for trusting me to be the messenger.

Take some time today, and every day to Be Still!

Much love and blessings!


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