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Emalee's Musical Medicine


In 2015, then 12-year-old Emalee Herrington gave the gift of song to a child who was in need to some healing in a way only music was seeming able to help. Years of medications, treatments and surgeries had put this child in a place where music became one of the escapes to all the pain. It took her to happy places in her mind, gave her hope and courage and strength to push forward. While Emalee was no stranger to giving the gift of music to others, often singing at benefits, nursing homes, community events and even just in stores as she shopped, this moment in Emalee’s young life jump started an idea and added fuel to her already strong passion for giving back to others.


In Fall of 2017, Emalee’s dream of starting a nonprofit called Emalee’s Musical Medicine started to become a reality. After being a volunteer for the amazing KEYS program for just over a year, the idea for joining forces with them seemed like a no brainer! With the new year approaching, the decision was made to Launch Emalee’s Musical Medicine in January 2018.


Emalee’s Musical Medicine was developed with the healing of music in mind. Music evokes many feelings in people and what is therapeutic for some many not be for all. Emalee’s vision was to give customized music to those who felt music could aide in their healing, overcoming and strengthening. Being a singer/songwriter, Emalee felt confidant in her ability to rewrite music, changing lyrics to help and personalize it to the recipients who will receive these custom tracks. She will even tackle writing songs from scratch if and when the need is there, and another song just won’t cut it.


Due to the time-consuming nature of this amazing idea, only 6 recipients a year will be selected to have a custom CD made for them, including a customized song and numerous songs of their choice recorded by Emalee. From Rock and Pop to Country and Jazz and all that is in between, Emalee will follow the guidance of the recipient and create a CD for them that with be therapeutic in their very own, personalized way.


With much enthusiasm and vigor, Emalee Herrington is ready to give sound to a dream. Emalee’s Musical Medicine was born out of love and will grow through the power of passion, dedication and all who believe in Emalee and her dream.

If you are interested in applying, please email us at!