Welcome to our "Music Hub"!

A place where our KEYS kids can enjoy all kinds of music 24/7!  


Thanks to our AMAZING musician partners, our on-line "Music Hub" provides a variety of music of all types and genres for our KEYS kids and their families to enjoy 24/7! Just click on the "Music Hub" link on the KEYS website and start listening from any phone, ipad or computer device...it's as easy as that! 



No more waiting for the next CD to come out, or missing out on songs that were on a past KEYS CD…we will have hundreds of songs available for our KEYS kids to enjoy throughout their journey and beyond!  


These songs are provided as a gift from our wonderful musician partners to our KEYS kids and are available for our KEYS kids to listen to 24/7 on this amazing Music Hub of songs! 

We have new musicians and songs created everyday for our KEYS kids and families to enjoy, so be sure to tune-in time to time to hear the "latest hits"!

A big thank you to all of the amazing musicians who donate the use of their songs to the KEYS Program in order to share the joy of music with our KEYS kids all year! 

So, how do I get to the songs in the Music Hub, you ask?? Check out the Music Hub drop down list to choose your favorite genre of music.

Happy listening!