Below is a list of books, music, resources and charities we LOVE!

Books We Love!

  • Good Days Are for Walking by Donna Marie Mucks– books and music available at
  • Music for Fun!  Activity Book and other Bob McGrath Books and Music– available through
  • Pausing Long Enough to Notice by Teresa D. Huggins available at
  • Chicken Soup Book Series by Jack Canfield
  • Hope by Patti McGee

Music Therapists, Teachers and Musicians we love!

Fantastic educational, motivational and inspirational programs for kids!

Recording studios we love!

  • SubCat Studios in Syracuse, NY  -- Recording Studio, Music Lessons & Other Cool Stuff!
  • Frantic FrequenciesStudent-run recording studio at VVS High School! Contact Mrs. Eileen Hubbard at for more info!


Links to music research, music therapy & child life info:

Links to foundations and organizations who provide assistance to those impacted by cancer or serious illnesses: 

~KEYS does not receive compensation for sharing the above resources. We just want to share the resources we use so you may check them out and see if they may be of help, assistance or a good fit for you!